The unsettling

unsettling Caroline Hanny photographyunsettling Caroline Hanny photographyunsettling Caroline Hanny photographyCaroline Hanny photographyCaroline Hanny photography

“I got lost in the unsettling; I don’t know when I will be back…” Madeliene Rose

“I feel certain that I am going mad again…” — Virginia Woolf

I have told you so many stories of where I have been to and who I have met darling and I hope you have enjoyed them. There are times however, when I go to a place where I feel like I can never make it back. It is a place darker and drearier than my shimmery shabby village; one where there are no clear lines, no real boundaries.

It is a place where I am constantly looking over my shoulder. It is a time when the woods are not peaceful anymore and nothing is found there except for the thoughts I want to forget.

I cannot sleep without a light on when I feel like this; I cannot be alone for too long and I long to talk about Monday mornings and the time on the clock. Walls are not just walls anymore because I see the faces of people I have known and those I still need to meet. The sky could be of the clearest nature and yet I still see nothing but a void.

Story credits: Images courtesy of Caroline Hanny.

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