The tower

tower of Babel“What are you building a tower exactly?”

“We’re building a tower to reach the sky Madeliene.”


“So we can reach the gods and well, who knows what other good things will come of this!”

The project seemed to be going well, I had never seen such coordination.

“We’re speaking the same language and we have the same goal so nothing can stop us really.”

I laughed for a second; I forgot myself.

“What’s so funny Madeliene?”

“Oh nothing darling.”

“We’ve been learning so many new skills from each other; it’s incredible what humanity can do when it works together.”

“Yes, I’m sure. What about learning a new language, are you looking forward to that?”

“Why would we need to do that?”

“Oh, you know, things happen, people argue, languages come about, humanity loses its rhythm again.”

“You and your over active imagination Madeliene. New languages! Huh! Good one!”

He walked away, laughing until he arrived near his men and the skeletal framework of the Tower, which he had told me they were naming Babel.

Story credits: for the image; Genesis 11:1-9.

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