The story of the slipper

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You know, Cinderella is the reason I insist on wearing a particular slipper.

Not the glass slipper — please!

No, it’s those black ballet pumps she wore around the house before the whole business with the prince. She would put them on, right after her shower, and don them throughout the day. She never took them off, not even to garden, instead, she would slip her ballet pump covered feet inside these huge clogs which served to keep them clean from the earth.

I have the fondest memories wearing smoking slippers and ballet pumps — so many more things can happen when you can roam more freely around the woods or in the countryside — sure, there are times when heels are necessary but there’s something about feeling the ground at your feet.

Remember the time I wore those Alexander McQueen velvet smoking slippers to walk with Emma Bovary? They’re better now, after they got caked in mud, and the ones I wore when I first saw the blue eyed boy. The pointy shaped flats still reverberate from the chant of the knights and every time I wear the sequin skull slipper I wore to the Capela dos Ossos I can almost hear the melody of the skeletal maestro.

Come to think of it, I might go and thank the lady herself.

Story credits: Cinderella (1950).

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