The story of…

The story of time and whisky

William Faulkner

“The good writer never applies to a foundation. He’s too busy writing something. If he isn’t first rate he fools himself by saying he hasn’t got time or economic freedom. Good art can come out of thieves, bootleggers, or horse swipes. People really are afraid to find out just how much hardship and poverty they can stand. They are afraid to find out how tough they are. Nothing can destroy the good writer. The only thing that can alter the good writer is death. Good ones don’t have time to bother with success or getting rich. Success is feminine and like a woman; if you cringe before her, she will override you. So the way to treat her is to show her the back of your hand. Then maybe she will do the crawling.”

This quote is taken from The Paris Review interview: William Faulkner, The Art of Fiction No. 12. Come back tomorrow, as Madeliene Rose recounts the time she met Faulkner, the writer whose transporting sentences are anxiety inducing to any young writer.

Until then, keep sharing the dream!

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