The milk man

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If I had to run away with someone darling, I would do so with the milk man.

I know what you’re thinking — what can the man who brings milk do for you? Well darling, he is the man women have been running away with for centuries! Particularly pale Victorian women who run away from suppressed environments and their strict mistresses.

The milk man is a symbol of rebellion. I can just imagine myself wrapping my head and shoulders in a lace scarf, and, dropping my valise first for him to catch it, climb down the window of the house of oppression in my long sleeved dress, while he whispers for me to be careful.

He would help me down the last few inches off the wall, then, kissing my hand gently ­— he does not take any liberties, despite being known to runaway with maidens — he would lead me to his milk truck and we would run away, seeking freedom from our suppressed environments.

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