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“Take a page from our fashion story…”

I’ve told you about my village darling so you know that the villagers and I enjoy dressing up even for the mundane errands of the everyday — especially for these in fact. You see, we have no notion of waiting for an event to bring glamour into our day, instead, we create an event by donning something exquisite for the merest of tasks. Take a page from the village book darling and don’t wait for an event to look like you made an effort.

You know what my preference is, I will don smoking slippers for almost any occasion, along with dresses that are as elaborate as the moulding found on the walls of my village, and necklaces ­— heavy ones — the only things that keep my feet pinned to the ground. Then comes the effortless look part, with my hair up in a messy chignon, and I’ll go barefoot over wearing heels when I’m pacing on the cold marble of the palazzos in my gowns.

Of course, you’ve already heard me talk about the woman who hides her smiles with her scarves — she will don a different one every day — with a myriad of colours that turn a piece of ostensibly simple fabric into an elaborate entity. The flower hoarder, well, you know she wears her heels and short dresses throughout the day, despite not having stepped foot out of her house for a very long time.

There is the gardener who is always in her short shorts and her wellies, trimming bushes and seeping in anxiety and the knights shimmering in their metallic ensembles. Not to mention the men in the village! But that’s another story, the point is, you need to shimmer in your life darling and not just with the light of the moon.

Story credit: Image via Veroni Deco Couture dress from “Minion Rococo” collection.

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