The story of the minions

minions braided hair styleShop the dream

“Bonjour Madeliene.”


“What, no bonjour? What’s wrong?”

Eduardo, these minions are driving me mad!

“Eduardo, these minions are driving me mad! They’ve been running after me for some time now.”

“Oh darling, you look like you could use a good breakfast! Why are they following you exactly?”

“I don’t know. They showed up one day in their short shorts and their bare midriffs, their hair up in braids, wanting to carry the hardbacks I had borrowed from the librarian and since then, they have stuck around. Sure, they have their use — my smoking slippers are always polished and ready to be worn and they have been lifting the trail of my dresses wherever I go but I need space, I can’t think with their shadows looming behind.”

“Why don’t you tell them you need to be alone?”

“I don’t know if they can handle such news darling.”

“Do you want me to do it?”

“Would you mind?”

“Please darling, I was born for this drama. Save me a seat on the tree Madeliene, it is spy-on-the-hot-butcher day today.”

He rushed out of the drawing room, chest up and still donning those skinny pants. I saw him snapping his fingers at the minions, while they looked up at him, with a look of confused fear. I felt sad, knowing I was the cause of their grief, so I left to go rest on the tree. It was not the last I had seen of them, they would become the loyal minions of Eduardo himself.

Story credit: Cosmopolitan magazine for the image.

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