The old lady

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You know darling, the stories I have told you, about the old lady with the deep set wrinkles on her face, the one who takes care of the flower hoarder and the one who brings me tea sometimes, well, she was young once and it wasn’t so long ago. She is one of the few people in the village whose time passes quickly but this is because she does so much.

I remember her young, with her hair up, wound with fresh roses or a floral headband. She would always don woven shirts and statement skirts. I remember her taking care of the gardens in the village with her fingers heavy with gold rings and her nail beds dirty with the soil.

The old lady has seen flowers come and go too soon, she has seen the flower hoarder become the recluse she is now and she has lived to see every shimmery shabby night of the village.

Some people darling, who are like the old lady, know how to see the world. They absorb it and are pleased to see the memories become wrinkles on their face. Time for such people passes by very quickly and very slowly, but it does not matter to them, as long as they see the world from a stage.

Story credit: Image via Marie Claire Italia.

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