Some women…

some women Brad Olson photographyThere are some women in this world darling who look like they belong in summer — donning light white dresses and pacing on roof tops in the scorching afternoon sun.

These women, well, they never seem to be troubled by the dizzying spell of the strong summer sun. They are the ones who are naturally sultry, with a back bearing freckles which seem to have been placed methodically about.

There are some women in this world darling who look like they belong in summer

I often see these women on open terraced roof tops, hanging panties and table cloths or leaning on the stone balcony, while they ponder the view. Their hair flowing with the weak summer breeze, they would lift the top part of their dresses under their heavy breasts to dry the trickling sweat.

With thick lips and thicker eyebrows, and with skin stained on the best shade of copper, these women belong in the world of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where windows and front doors are left wide open and where the heat is as much of a protagonist as any other character.

These women will spend their late morning swimming and their afternoons relishing in the sweet sleep of a siesta on white cotton sheets with their skin still bearing the salt of the sea. There is nothing poised or delicate about these women, and yet, no other creature could ever bear such natural allure.

Story credits: Photo by Brad Olson.

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