Skirts, and other thoughts…

Skirts rochas Shop the dream

What is it about skirts darling that allude to tree climbing and naughty boys?

These days, the fashion in the village has taken a turn to the glamorous 1950s. Women have started to don skirts and wear gloves to take off slowly whenever they are out walking in the rain. Their heels are bold, the coats hide the curves of their bodies and the persistent element of velvet found in the village is found on each one of them.

I have been donning a range of skirts as well darling

I have been donning a range of skirts as well darling, pairing them with jeweled strap pumps and gloves that have the look of a glacial downpour; adding thick lashes and nude lips. There is something about the clothes of this era that would make anyone want to break into song in the middle of a conversation; they make you want to look in the eyes of Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart while the latter drive without looking at the road, just as they do in those old black and white movies.

Story credits: Images via Rochas.

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