Short story submissions

short story submissions

Send us your Short Story submissions

If you love fashion or literature and you want to write a dreamy fashion story or you want to have a conversation with Jane Austen, then send us your pitch. We also invite photographers and designers who want to create a story with us to contact us at info [at] madelienerose [dot] com.

To learn more about Madeliene Rose, you can read some of her short stories online, like the one about riding horses in haute couture and the time she marched with the shimmering knights. There is the short story of the flower hoarder and the story of the time she dined with Marcel Proust.

More on Madeliene Rose…

In the world of Madeliene Rose, fashion and literature come together through short stories told by one enigmatic girl. Wearing beautiful fashion pieces, Madeliene Rose recounts who she met, where she went and what she did through her short stories.

Madeliene Rose is a blog that celebrates the beauty and darkness found in fashion and literature. The best fashion designers, timeless novels, enigmatic writers, legendary movie characters, talented photographers and a Proustian way of living life all help to make Madeliene Rose’s short stories what they are.

A constant daydreamer, Madeliene Rose finds inspiration in the elaborate structure of a Balmain dress or in a poignant sentence written by Virginia Woolf. She seeks to find the awe inspiring in the mundane elements of the everyday and she finds herself lost in the all-consuming worlds of William Faulkner and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Nothing is too ordinary in the shimmery shabby, blue velvet like village Madeliene Rose finds herself in. Walks in the forest are undertaken so she can listen to the demons in her head, while flowers scattered around every corner of this place remind her that an enigmatic recluse, known as the flower hoarder, is roaming around her house drowning in lilies and hydrangeas.


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