perception dior-homme-2013-fall-winter-campaign-2-1280x720How’s your perception these days darling?

The men told us they wanted to discuss business so they moved to the library, while we women sat on the long wooden table, with the wax from the ivory candles dripping on the candelabras and the peonies becoming frail with the passing of time.

I spent some time with the women, talking about floral dresses and the flower hoarder, while our gowns skimmed the carpet, until I realised how quiet the men were being and headed to the library.

I found them sitting on the chairs heeding to no one and to nothing. They were together but they subsisted in their own world. This happens quite often in my stories doesn’t it darling? People flee to their own world and become unaffected by what’s happening around them.

It is only what we perceive that we see darling.

Story credit: Dior homme 2013 FW campaign.

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