How to live a meaningful life, according to Frankl

literary inspired fashion thomas mann the magic mountain

Literary style inspiration: The Magic Mountain

how to live a better life

How to live a better life, according to Ray Bradbury

Opera garnier you cannot be wonderful, if you do not learn how to wonder

Always look up: Learning how to wonder

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Rolling with James Joyce on an Irish hill

bookish girls

Ode to the bookish girls


Tea with Frances Towers

Dorian Gray ’s story


Shop the dream

Look well into the eyes of Dorian Gray…

I grew weary from reading so many stories at the library yesterday, so I spent some time at the Metropolitan Museum, roaming around the empty rooms in a quiet Stella McCartney lace panel dress, trying my best not to disturb the people in the paintings. The halls, the benches, the moulding — they all hushed, so that I could only hear the sound of each painting reverberating the unpopulated rooms. CONTINUE READING...

5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

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I haven’t been to Paris in a while. Somehow, I always find myself going to this place in September. Maybe because it falls at the start of Autumn, which can be seen in the vein of the leaves falling off Parisian trees or the continual give and take between the sun and the rain.

I am not sure of the reason, but I am sure of what to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris. From what’s comfortable to my essentials, the following are five things I always pack when I am heading to the Parisian land. CONTINUE READING...

Perfume the book: When Jean-Baptiste Grenouille came to the village

Perfume the book

Perfume the book

Rumors had been going around for days, about a man who had come to the village. Some of the villagers said that he is a writer because of the way he disappears in a crowd, leaving them unaware of his whereabouts, while others said he was a ghost because of his tendencies to roam around the village during the night when the place falls quiet. CONTINUE READING...