A story of Lace and familia

lace and familia Dolce e Gabbana
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“Sundays are for lace and familia…”

I attended a small gathering on Sunday afternoon on the patio of this Italian palazzo. I wasn’t sure what the occasion was but it looked fun with young women donning pop socks and cat eyeliners, wrinkles and hair brooches on the older ones; little boys running circles around the waiters and so much bread and cannoli. CONTINUE READING...

Walking with Emma Bovary

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I met Emma Bovary yesterday afternoon. I was walking along the fields and I saw her leaning on the windowsill with an empty gaze, looking towards the clouds. She must have noticed I was approaching her because she grabbed a duster from behind her and started dusting the windowsill, stopping to fixate on a stain. CONTINUE READING...