The Apartment

apartment Elie Saab FW13-14

She could feel the warmth of the sun on her back; Standing there in her new apartment, amid the layers of her new white curtains, wearing her Elie Saab midi dress — the only entity in that room which recalled the intricately woven life left behind ­— she finally understood what she had done. CONTINUE READING...

The Fog

The fog Dunkirk set- AtonementShop the dream

“…looking down through the dirty grey fog.”

I sat high up on the Ferris wheel for a while yesterday. I was warm in my Burberry coat, looking down through the dirty grey fog at the men in dark green uniforms who were walking around, some with urgency and others not so much. There was ruin everywhere and an uncanny quietness, despite there being hundreds of them. CONTINUE READING...

The Sisyphean workout

Sisyphean workout calvin klein

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“Have you ever tried the Sisyphean workout?”

“How is your strength training session going this morning?”

“It is an unvarying and persistent challenge I would say Madeliene.” CONTINUE READING...