How to live a meaningful life, according to Frankl

literary inspired fashion thomas mann the magic mountain

Literary style inspiration: The Magic Mountain

how to live a better life

How to live a better life, according to Ray Bradbury

Opera garnier you cannot be wonderful, if you do not learn how to wonder

Always look up: Learning how to wonder

james joyce ulysses book review

Rolling with James Joyce on an Irish hill

bookish girls

Ode to the bookish girls


Tea with Frances Towers

Summer woes

Summer Woes Saint Laurent FW 13/14

“She stood there, drowning in summer woes.”

She could have gone outside, but she wouldn’t.

She had spent the winter months thinking about the forthcoming days of summer, waiting in anticipation, longing for the days of nonchalance and daydreaming of white cotton dresses, but now, all she did was frown and pace in the summer house, feeling distant from the other tourists frolicking on the beach.


A story of Lace and familia

lace and familia Dolce e Gabbana
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“Sundays are for lace and familia…”

I attended a small gathering on Sunday afternoon on the patio of this Italian palazzo. I wasn’t sure what the occasion was but it looked fun with young women donning pop socks and cat eyeliners, wrinkles and hair brooches on the older ones; little boys running circles around the waiters and so much bread and cannoli. CONTINUE READING...

Walking with Emma Bovary

The story of Emma BovaryShop the dream

I met Emma Bovary yesterday afternoon. I was walking along the fields and I saw her leaning on the windowsill with an empty gaze, looking towards the clouds. She must have noticed I was approaching her because she grabbed a duster from behind her and started dusting the windowsill, stopping to fixate on a stain. CONTINUE READING...