The necklace

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“Suddenly she discovered, in a black satin box, a superb diamond necklace, and her heart throbbed with an immoderate desire. Her hands trembled as she took it. She fastened it round her throat, outside her high-necked waist, and was lost in ecstasy at her reflection in the mirror.”  The Necklace, Guy de Maupassant.

In my stories darling, I have often been accused of fleeing off somewhere while someone is trying to tell me something. Butcher, Baker and even Proust noticed. I can’t help it really, there are times during my day when I move in leaps and bounds and needless to say, I haven’t noticed the tick tock of a clock in a very long time. CONTINUE READING...

The windy block

The windy block

I went for a stroll around the neighbourhood block yesterday. It was a dark and windy evening and those who dared to go out had worn their hats and put their stiff collar up. I was wearing a dress that reminded me of my grandmother’s bedroom curtains. It could have been the floral pattern of the fabric or the lining of its edges, but I felt like I was in her bedroom saying goodnight for the last time. It was a beautiful dress, with a skirt that flowed under my shawl. CONTINUE READING...

Colours in the cave

Colours and caves

The villagers had to shield their eyes and take in the intricate weaves and colours of their dresses through swift peaks from behind the palm of their hand. All of them stood there, with their dark straight hair, colourless skin and garments, unable to recognise the two girls who had been on their side until lately. CONTINUE READING...