One bold shoe

madeliene rose one bold shoemadeliene rose one bold shoeYou must have noticed my obsession with churches my darling…

madeliene rose one bold shoemadeliene rose one bold shoeThere’s something about old churches and cathedrals. They hold beauty in the painted frescoes and luxury in all that gold and granite but there is also the haunting element — the tombs of bishops and priests buried underneath, keeping the cathedral I visit especially cold. There is Latin scripture wherever you rest your eyes and doors so heavy they need to be pushed with the strength of your entire body. There is drama when they are empty, echoing the still silence, and their cupolas reverberate and come to life whenever the organ is played.

That is why I always go for a bold shoe, whenever I visit my cathedral. I remember the time I danced with the one I fell in love with to Lana del Rey on these tombs and the mornings I spend here alone, writing stories or having staring contests with the people in the frescoes.

madeliene rose one bold shoemadeliene rose one bold shoeIt might not be much and we might not be here for long, but until then, I shall continue to carry the drama on my feet and mirror the drama that resides under all of these frescoes.

Where do you love to take your bold shoes? Share your thoughts below.

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