On the run

on the run Dior-Advert-VersaillesHave you ever run really fast through a hall filled with hanging chandeliers?

I did that yesterday darling, at the Palace of Versailles, after Eduardo del Mar kept me with his stories and made me late to dinner.

I rushed through the long hall — the one where mirrors, crystals and the sunlight come together and create one awe inspiring room.

I knew I was terribly late so I stopped to look around the room — the one which had seen the Queen with the most exquisite and expensive taste pass with her hair ringlets resting on her bare shoulders and her tiny waist.

There was an unquiet silence in that room; it was grander than the crystal chandeliers or the marbled floor. I realised then that I hadn’t been in silence for an immeasurable time.

The world can get quite weary darling, too hectic and noisy, but in this room, where queens and kings once reigned, now reigns the exclusive, unreachable silence.

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