Oh hail Summer!

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Oh hail summer! Oh hail summer!

You look dreary darling, and not in the shimmery-dark-and-dreary village kind of way. You know my stories do not adhere to the seasons, but I’ll make an exception today to hail the first day of summer, for you. I often find myself in town during this season, drying the sweat off my neck with scarves and longing for the dreary weather of the village.

Summer raises less apocalyptic fears and more anger issues, although I know a girl who enjoys summoning a certain sadness during this warm season. Siestas are the rage during this time — I’ve unashamedly taken long ones, lying on white sheets with my hair wet from a cold shower and donning white playsuits, while large hats are a must when I go outside.

I must say, there have been some good summer days despite my undying love (dramatic darling yes!) for the colder season. I’ve often found myself running around orchards with Paolo — he belongs in summer days and nowhere else, and young love is never more prominent than during this time. I remember my summer days spent on a pirate ship, donning dresses and jumpsuits that shimmer with the light of the moon, not really knowing where I was being taken and cursing like a dirty old man.

So, what the hell darling, go and enjoy your summer. Enough with these soggy sandwiches, put on a bathing suit, bring out the cotton candy hues and bring the light back in to your face.

Story credit: Tatler for the image.

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