ode to August

August“I am in awe of August…”

Darling, I know the science of lost time is a problem for you, so why not go in search of the awe inspiring? I am into August these days — I am in awe of August. The name itself is the definition of grandeur, inspiring reverence and it is oh so majestic!

There is nothing ever wrong about August is there? It is the time in summer when things have eased into the warmth of the sun; when fireworks can be seen from anywhere in my village, almost outshining the light of the moon, and when shooting stars are as common as a siesta is in the village.

Even time slows down in August, almost as if it is using the time of the comets as a measure. Stay with me here in August darling. What the hell, don’t ever leave! Hold on to this month, for as long as you can.

Story credit: Image via Tumblr.

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