Unforgettable women in literature

Most unforgettable women in literature

I wanted to give an ode to the most unforgettable women in literature…

Some women in this world belong in summer days on scorching roof tops, while others come into our world as fiery as a storm. Then there are some women, fictional women, who consume our inner lives because they are impenetrable and remain eternally enigmatic.

These are the women who we cannot forget and the following are the women, some who are still girls, who I will never be able to forget. I wanted to give an ode to the most unforgettable women in literature because they, and not us, will continue to roam around the inner lives of those who are yet to come into this world. The following, two of which exist in the same novel, are the enigmatic women, remembered in the words of the writers who created them.

Most unforgettable women in literature gabriel garcia marquez quoteI love saying this woman’s name, just like I love saying this name.one hundred years of solitude quote

If you want to see more of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s unforgettable characters, then you can watch The Quiet Parade with him and I.

Most unforgettable women in literature Great expectations miss havisham quote Most unforgettable women in literature lolita quote

The sound and the fury quote

Come and drink whisky with Faulkner and I.The aspern papers quoteAh James and his women! You must have tea with James and his Isabel sometime.

The virgin suicides quote

There is so much to say about Cecilia and the rest of the enigmatic ones. The end of the affair graham greene quote

The virgin suicides quoteBefore Heathcliff ever said these words to Catherine, I did spy on one of the most unforgettable love story in literature.

The magic mountain quote

Someone else who is impenetrable and wholly enigmatic? The flower hoarder.

Do you think I missed anyone? Let me know your thoughts below!

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