How to live a meaningful life, according to Frankl

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Literary style inspiration: The Magic Mountain

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How to live a better life, according to Ray Bradbury

Opera garnier you cannot be wonderful, if you do not learn how to wonder

Always look up: Learning how to wonder

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Rolling with James Joyce on an Irish hill

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Ode to the bookish girls


Tea with Frances Towers

More than a fashion blog…

Madeliene Rose fashion blog

More than a fashion blog, with Madeliene Rose, I wanted to bring together the beauty and darkness – the hauntingly beautiful ­– found in fashion and literature. This is done through short stories inspired by current fashion trends and haute couture, the books we all love and the writers who have written these unforgettable stories.

Read short stories…

There is so much you can do here. You can read what I have been up to as I daydream through the literary world and meet up with fictional characters like the Mad Hatter and company and with writers like Marcel Proust. You can also follow the stories of the people in my dark and dreary village like the enigmatic recluse and the flower hoarder.

Follow fashion trends…

You can find the fashion inspiration you need from this blog by following what I am wearing and coveting, whether that means the latest fashion trends or timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

Book suggestions…

I am enamored by the novels of John Fowles and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I get lost in the wave-like sentences of Virginia Woolf and I forget everything I know whenever I read something written by Jorge Luis Borges. Whether you are looking to read a story about tragedy, one about love or one filled with Henry James-like eeriness, here you can find suggestions about the next book you should read.

Write for Madeliene Rose…

This blog was created for the constant daydreamers. For the ones who see a dream in the elaborate structure of a Balmain dress and who have conversations with Jane Austen. I want an army of daydreamers to write for this book and fashion blog. I want to see you have breakfast with a writer who unnerves you. I want you to take a walk in the woods in a Valentino dress and I want to see your version of the hauntingly beautiful transpire in your writing. If you want to learn more on this point, you can read all the details on the submissions page.

Follow the dream…

Clouds are more than just clouds when you are a constant daydreamer. It takes a lot of cloud watching and star gazing; old hardbacks and plenty of cozy knitwear to bring the world of Madeliene Rose to life. There are beautiful sentences that must be scribbled down and remembered, and dresses that need to be used for twirling. There are days as gloomy as a Dostoevskian world and moments of inspiration that bring pure clarity to a tumultuous mind. These elements, and so much more, help create this blog and you can follow this dream more closely on Instagram.

Find yourself in the dream…

Most importantly, and if for no other reason, use this blog to find beauty in your life. Leave your head in the clouds. Daydream about life, love and loss. Live in a dreamy, dark, mad world. Forget your to-dos, your oughts and shoulds. As William Faulkner said, “Wonder. Go on and wonder.”