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 Jane Eyre's Story

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I sat on the bed with Jane Eyre last night. She was on her knees praying, after having asked St John to bid her goodnight so she could be left alone. I always feel at home with Jane Eyre, the girl is as pale as me and she does not apologise for her restless nature.

I wasn’t looking to disturb her really; she looked like she was having an intense conversation with G, so I played with my Balmain dress while she finished. I could have stayed like this for a long time as my eyes walked through all of the intricate paths my dress was endowed with.

“You haven’t learnt how to sit quietly now have you, Madeliene?”

“Huh! Look who’s one to talk. Have you come to a decision?”

She stayed on her knees in her black dress, resting her hands on the bed.

“There was never a decision to make.”

“Are you leaving for Thornfield tomorrow to see if he’s alright?”

“How do you know this?”

“A hunch called Charlotte…”

“Who’s Charlotte?”

“A friend… Jane, it’s not a fairy tale anymore so you can handle it now, whatever it is you will find.”

“I only want to be sure nothing bad has happened to him, with Bertha there, I always fear his safety.”

“Now, don’t go bad mouthing the woman in the attic because let’s face it, we are all Bertha in that one relationship in our life. But Jane, you’re always going to be his saviour. Darling you’re one of the first — you’ve saved a man in distress — twice!”

“Nonsense Madeliene; regardless, I will be leaving tomorrow to check that everything is all right.”

“Then I’ll leave you to rest, good luck Jane and please try to enjoy the moments that seem too good to be true — they are too rare.”

“Goodnight Madeliene. Where are you off to?”

“Charlotte’s sister knows a few people up in the moors…well, I can’t recall the exact name but that’s where I’m heading. Goodbye Jane.”

“Goodbye Madeliene.”

Story credits: Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre; Vogue UK.

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