The Madeliene Rose Glossary

black-bell-sleeve-topThe Madeliene Rose glossary is a guide to the terms floating in the mind of this enigmatic, red haired girl. It is for you to understand better her daydreams and to follow the stories easily.

Madeliene Rose: everyone has their own version of Madeliene Rose. It is you but taken to another level so that when you daydream it is an amplified version of yourself you are seeing. It is your world damn it so you become whoever you want to become!

Darling: no, Madeliene Rose is not Southern. Actually she’s a bit English, a bit French, a bit Italian and wholly engrossed in old movies where the word darling was used with every other sentence.

The village: when you are a serial daydreamer, you need a place to house your daydreams. The shimmery shabby, blue-velvet-like village is it in this case.

Dark and Dreary weather: this is a good thing in the world of Madeliene Rose.

Skeletal Maestro: daydreams are often triggered by listening to music but when you are in your dreamy world you don’t want to remind yourself that the music in the background is coming from a mere machine. So the skeletal maestro was born (well, actually he’s dead but you get the point).

Immeasurable time: the time on the clock is of no importance in the daydreaming world. A minute can feel like a lifetime here.

Conversations: some people daydream about meeting celebrities, others about having a family or getting that coveted job, I daydream about meeting writers, poets and literary characters seeing as I spend most of my time on earth with books.

Al fresco and In awe: these are also really good things. Daydreams are mostly used as a form of escapism but they can also be used to trigger inspiration, to go in search of Beauty, and to live a life unaffected by the tick tock sound of the clock.

Buying bread and milk in couture: as with any other thing, when you daydream, you go big or you go home. Fashion in the world of Madeliene Rose is celebrated and couture is worn on a weekday. There is no waiting for occasions or money to wear couture here.

The blues and the reds: some people say they have the blues, while Truman Capote’s Holly Golightly said she suffered from the mean reds. The world of Madeliene Rose being so inclusive, you will find the two sayings, in a category where Madeliene Rose broods, muses and meets up with the different characters that are found in her village.

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