Lost in a sea of men

lost in a sea of men Alison-Nix-by-Bharat-Sikka-Marie-Claire-Italia-July-2011-4Lost in a sea of men, undecided where to sail, you will step on any boat in sight rather than remain at bay.

I met a man once, who told me I must follow the path that makes me want to live for a thousand and one years, and not the path that brings forth endless days.

I don’t remember his face, I can only remember his voice ­— breathless wisps that made me think he was struggling to attain his thousand and one years.

I remember others telling me not to take the first path; dismissing such quips and waiting for me to become that which they expected me. I did, for a while. I remember moving according to the time on the clock; I remember all the oughts and shoulds and I remember how weary I was. Only at my worst did I listen to that man, and then well, I came to the village.

Story credit: Image via Marie Claire Italia.

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