Longing vain longing

longing vain longing Marie claire italia beckett quoteLonging vain longing…

“Longing the so-said mind long lost to longing. The so-missaid. So far so-missaid. Dint of long longing lost to longing. Long vain longing. And longing still. Faintly longing still. Faintly vainly longing still. For fainter still. For faintest. Faintly vainly longing for the least of longing. Unlessenable least of longing. Unstillable vain least of longing still.

Longing that all go. Dim go. Void go. Longing go. Vain longing that vain longing go.”

Worstward Ho, Samuel Beckett

Story credits: Image via Marie Claire Italia.

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