Riding horses in Haute couture

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You will find us riding horses in haute couture in the afternoon…

I’ve told you stories of the villagers buying groceries in haute couture; of the butcher in his full suit and the fisherman in his cashmere. Well darling, even a horse ride in the countryside becomes a high fashion event in my village.

Women here have never really succumbed to the knee boots over trousers trend for riding. Sure, there have been times when boots were necessary to blend in with the crowd but in the village, there’s nothing surreal about donning haute couture, with gowns bearing layer after layer of skirt.

You see darling, clothing here is as much of a protagonist as the dark and dreary weather in the village or the gossip heard in the piazza and riding on a horse with an haute couture gown trailing behind is as normal as a siesta on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve often rode up to the cliffs of the village, walking the few paces to the edge by foot while my couture gown skimmed the grass and stones which are as old as time. It is extraordinary to blend that which is awe inspiring and made my man and that which is made by someone bigger than of us could ever fathom.

Story credits: Image via Vogue.

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