The enigmatic ones

Vogue italia enigmaticSome people in this world are the ones who will spend their whole life, and a long life that usually is, being in awe of those who are enigmatic. Other people in the world subsist to create the extraordinary in the very ordinary. These people know how to look impenetrable, and as mundane as their life may be, they become a source of allure for those around them.

The latter are the ones we need to thrive on — to bear the trudge of the everyday. We can only love the enigmatic ones (it always happens that we fall in love with them) from far away, we can never get too near, even though we would want to, all the time.

Some people in our lives are there to haunt our mundane Monday mornings, just as the Lisbon girls haunt every trivial move the boys, now men, make. The latter would have been content with an uneventful life but the girls showed them the alluring nature of the enigmatic and with their deaths, they are left with a stale taste in their mouths.

Suburbia has been tainted in the world of The Virgin Suicides. It has been stained by sin and sexuality, by the sweet-tragic pleasure of melancholia but mostly, by the ever lingering longing of the mere mortals — those who bear “true heroism*” —  boredom.

the virgin suicides

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The Lisbon girls will always be the enigmatic ones ­ — alluring figures who will remain eternally young and beautiful. The tragedy here lies in the men’s lives — the souls who will always see blandness around them, now that the Lisbon girls are gone.

*I took this quote from David Forster Wallace’s novel, The Pale King. Intense, all consuming, terrifying and unfinished, it is another novel I suggest you delve into.

Story credit: Image via Vogue Italia.

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