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There are times, my darling, when even serial daydreamers have to stop wandering and turn their attention to what is asked of them — studies, work and other duties that can leave a dreamer feel a bit less inspired. We all have days like these, but rather than resisting them, we can choose to enjoy them and find beauty in the everyday — a smile from a complete stranger, fits of laughter at work or during class, and why not, even in painful experiences.

This being said, bringing the dreamy elements of your daydreams through your fashion choices is a way of reminding yourself that there is more to life than this mundane Monday morning and that is why we should all look like a dream on any given work day. At least, that is what I do whenever I have to get things done.

Lately, I have been donning blush pink heels and pleated tops that move with the weak spring breeze. I have been wearing buttoned up midi skirts that remind me of Coco Chanel and intricate lace my eyes can get lost in; rings that look like spring and cotton candy hues that remind me of the circus in my village.

These are some of the ways I choose to feel like a dream at the office. What’s your go to office style? Share your thoughts below!


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