vogue crows black whiteI found myself sitting on a bench at the cemetery yesterday darling, in a black and white world, surrounded by crows and the fog.

I was not feeling well. I have been going through a difficult time lately. I cannot always be so positive and cheery for you darling. I couldn’t even make it to the village yesterday. All I wanted to do was to be alone, away from everyone, even from Eduardo del Mar, feeling the loss and the tragedy of it all even though I was not sure exactly what this all was.

At first I thought ennui was making me feel like this but as I sat there on the bench surrounded by the eerie, I realised how scared I was that I would lose all of this — the village and all of those who inhabit my world.

You see darling, even obstinate dreamers find themselves unable to believe their own dreams sometimes, more so when the routine of one’s everyday life becomes too dominant.

Story credit: Image via Vogue.

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