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I’m in the habit of climbing trees these days darling. I usually don light white dresses and smoking slippers to climb easily up. I started doing so when I wanted to spend some time in the village without being disturbed. I usually climb up there around the time when the tree is completely in the shade and cats have moved their sleep to a sunnier part of the village. You can see a whole lot of things from up there you know.

I’m in the habit of climbing trees these days darling.

Baker’s mother always comes around his kitchen during this time, her frail figure heavy only with her wrinkles and the large necklace around her neck while carrying a small basket of fruit. Donning a floral midi dress, she always stops a few paces before his kitchen and, placing her basket on the pavement for just a moment, she takes out a comb from her dress pocket and combs her white hair in three strokes. Picking up the basket once again, she would head to her son’s kitchen and spend some time helping him make gingerbreads.

Eduardo is always carrying something under his arm while strolling the streets — whether it’s flowers or the hand of a man — pacing with a step that is as unpredictable as the sea. He’s taken to the village quite well you know; after the pitchforks debacle the villagers started treating him better and well, now there is more than one man donning tight leather pants and guyliner in the village.

I have seen H.G. a couple of times, roaming the cobble stone streets on his bike and the cat lady carrying containers of food, with cats following closely behind but mostly, it’s good to be alone outside, undisturbed, watching life unfold.

Story credit: US Vogue for the image.

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