Cliff diving

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“Let’s go cliff diving on cliffs that are as old as time…”

You know how sometimes you need to scare the hell out of yourself to bring your anxiety down a little? This is similar to Ishmael’s reason for embarking on another sailing venture. Well, I went cliff diving yesterday on this small island known for its crystal blue waters and caves, with cliffs that are as old as time.

It was a hot day; I could feel myself getting a tan. There were boys sprinting from the other side of the cliff to take their plunge, doing double flips in their short swim trunks on their way down. I removed my dress and sandals and let down my hair. I was donning a one piece underneath, just so things would not move about when I’m flying in the air.

I could feel my heartbeat quicken and I could not recall any of the anxious thoughts I had been carrying around for a while, so I knew this was a good move. I went to the other side of the cliffs, as the boys were doing, but unlike them, I did not run, instead, I walked at a pace that was not too fast and not too leisurely either. I walked and walked, as if I was heading towards someone I knew whom I wanted to see but who unnerved me, until I no longer felt the ground at my feet.

Story credit: Image via Moeva swimwear spring/summer14.

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