Chasing Frogs

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“What are you doing Madeliene?”

“Oh Eduardo darling, good morning! We are chasing frogs! What else do you do after a storm?”

He had found us knee deep in a pond — Baker, Butcher, the clumsy one and I, while trying to spot a frog. I had met the clumsy one in the piazza earlier in the morning, while heading home from the cabin of that Spanish woman I told you about the other day. You see darling, the storm had not stopped during the night, and neither had Muccacina’s playing, until dawn.

The clumsy one and I had been waiting for the perfect excuse to put our wellies to the test and so, donning our short shorts and our wellington boots, we headed towards the woods along with the men, armed with worms and statement necklaces.

Eduardo would not dare to mess up his shoes by joining us in the pond which made us all question his pirate days, but he did join us on the moss, as we drank tea in the clumsy one’s chipped floral tea cups while soaking up the spring sun.

Story credit: Image via Vogue China.

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