the blues and the reds

Most of us suffer from the blues. Holly Golightly suffered from the mean reds, I take on the blues and the reds in these stories.

Saying goodnight

Saying goodnight

“Saying goodnight and kissing her chunky gold ring…”

It was impossible for anyone to leave that house without kissing her ring ­ — this chunky, gold one that stood on her small finger; one that was bigger than my lips were back then. CONTINUE READING...

The Fog

The fog Dunkirk set- AtonementShop the dream

“…looking down through the dirty grey fog.”

I sat high up on the Ferris wheel for a while yesterday. I was warm in my Burberry coat, looking down through the dirty grey fog at the men in dark green uniforms who were walking around, some with urgency and others not so much. There was ruin everywhere and an uncanny quietness, despite there being hundreds of them. CONTINUE READING...