the blues and the reds

Most of us suffer from the blues. Holly Golightly suffered from the mean reds, I take on the blues and the reds in these stories.

The candlestick maker

candlestick makerHave I ever told you about my candlestick maker darling? I should have really, what with all of the candlesticks I go through to light up all of my candelabras, you must have assumed already that I have my own girl. CONTINUE READING...

Do you know what I miss darling?

anemone flower

Do you know what I miss darling?

I miss lying on a beach and falling asleep with the warmth of the sun on my face. I miss afternoons spent talking about everything and nothing.

I want you to know that no matter, you must never stop dreaming.

You can live in a mess and have your head be as clear and happy as a sunny day.

I have dreamt about you, you know.

I saw you running barefoot in a field of Anemones, fading amid all of the dirty white petals – your skin pale, your body hollow, but free, you looked free.

Story credit: Image via Pinterest.

Come away with me

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You know what we are darling? We are the masters of our fate. You and I, we can choose to stay here, seeing what we have always seen and being what we have always been or, we can settle in the unsettling for the rest of our days.

Pack your books and clothes, bring your valise and let’s go.