the blues and the reds

Most of us suffer from the blues. Holly Golightly suffered from the mean reds, I take on the blues and the reds in these stories.

5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

madeliene rose paris

I haven’t been to Paris in a while. Somehow, I always find myself going to this place in September. Maybe because it falls at the start of Autumn, which can be seen in the vein of the leaves falling off Parisian trees or the continual give and take between the sun and the rain.

I am not sure of the reason, but I am sure of what to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris. From what’s comfortable to my essentials, the following are five things I always pack when I am heading to the Parisian land. CONTINUE READING...

Twirling in pleated skirts

twirling in pleated skirtsShe talked to the shadows on the wall while roaming around an empty house. Laughing with one man and cursing another, she spent an immeasurable time pacing and rocking or twirling in her pleated skirts. She would always run in corridors, looking back at the shadows chasing her. CONTINUE READING...

ode to August

August“I am in awe of August…”

Darling, I know the science of lost time is a problem for you, so why not go in search of the awe inspiring? I am into August these days — I am in awe of August. The name itself is the definition of grandeur, inspiring reverence and it is oh so majestic! CONTINUE READING...