fashion stories

These fashion stories are inspired by editorials, fashion trends and literature.

The story of the Blue eyed boy

Blue eyed boy

The blue eyed boy would always come to class with messy hair, and an unwashed baby face, even though class was at four in the afternoon. I don’t think he ever once bothered. I always imagined he got out of bed, put on a shirt his maid would have prepared for him and walked out the door. CONTINUE READING...

The Apartment

apartment Elie Saab FW13-14

She could feel the warmth of the sun on her back; Standing there in her new apartment, amid the layers of her new white curtains, wearing her Elie Saab midi dress — the only entity in that room which recalled the intricately woven life left behind ­— she finally understood what she had done. CONTINUE READING...

Youth, an ode

Youth, an ode burberry

Shop the dream

Our youth, well, it was a time brimming with immeasurable beauty and constant brooding. One where the girls wore cotton candy hues, and so did the boys. We spent our days in a garden back then, lounging in our dresses on velvet sofas or resting on the pink walls next to rose bushes, longing for the one who never shows interest in us. It was a time we unabashedly daydreamed of arguments that trigger the longing, of the perfectly imperfect moment of that first kiss, and the death of the loved one which would create a love untainted by the mundane of the world. CONTINUE READING...