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These fashion stories are inspired by editorials, fashion trends and literature.

Literary style inspiration: The Magic Mountain


Have you ever read Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain? That Mann, man, he does it every time. Making me want to go live in Venice the minute I read Death in Venice and now, he’s making me want to look funereal every day of the week because of one of the women found in The Magic Mountain, the so-called Tous-les-deux. CONTINUE READING...

Ode to the bookish girls



There are some girls in my village who spend their days by river banks, watching the world pass by, and one girl who hoards flowers of every kind. Then there are some girls, bookish girls, with pleats resting on their shoulders and floral patterns on their dresses, who have taken over the library, with their languid figures and their face full of pallor, their lips stained a light pink and scattered freckles on their cheeks. CONTINUE READING...

Yahoo! Style: 5 show stopping accessories inspired by your favourite designers

show stopping accessories

Sometimes we need more than a subtle pair of drop earrings to complete an outfit. This happens when the clothes we wear feel like blank canvases and we turn to our accessories to make a statement.

From intricately woven necklaces worn with striking white dresses — with our hair up in a messy chignon and a cat eyeliner to darken our eyes ­— to bold brooches worn with our classic tailored jacket, accessories can take our everyday style from mundane to magnetic.

Get inspired by the designs of some of the top fashion designers and work these five show stopping accessories into your next outfits. Read the full article I wrote on Yahoo! Style