I talk to dead writers and literary characters at times, when I am daydreaming. As one does.

Dorian Gray ’s story


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Look well into the eyes of Dorian Gray…

I grew weary from reading so many stories at the library yesterday, so I spent some time at the Metropolitan Museum, roaming around the empty rooms in a quiet Stella McCartney lace panel dress, trying my best not to disturb the people in the paintings. The halls, the benches, the moulding — they all hushed, so that I could only hear the sound of each painting reverberating the unpopulated rooms. CONTINUE READING...

Being the French lieutenant’s woman

the french lieutenant's womanHave you ever met a woman like John Fowles’s the French Lieutenant’s woman? More importantly darling, have you ever been a woman like the French Lieutenant’s woman?

You know the type — the one who talks with loneliness in her eyes and walks with melancholia trailing behind. CONTINUE READING...