facing anxiety with the men of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

one flew over the cuckoo's nest It took a book about people locked in a mental hospital to find the most inspiring sentence, the one that has helped me to work harder on a special project (which I will tell you more about later, when things are more settled). It is also a sentence that has coursed through the cloud of anxiety that has been hanging over my head for years now but most especially over the last few months. CONTINUE READING...

Perfume the book: When Jean-Baptiste Grenouille came to the village



Rumors had been going around for days, about a man who had come to the village. Some of the villagers said that he is a writer because of the way he disappears in a crowd, leaving them unaware of his whereabouts, while others said he was a ghost because of his tendencies to roam around the village during the night when the place falls quiet. CONTINUE READING...