Ode to the bookish girls



There are some girls in my village who spend their days by river banks, watching the world pass by, and one girl who hoards flowers of every kind. Then there are some girls, bookish girls, with pleats resting on their shoulders and floral patterns on their dresses, who have taken over the library, with their languid figures and their face full of pallor, their lips stained a light pink and scattered freckles on their cheeks.

I see these girls whenever I am at the library, donning specs with exposed screws that fall down their noses, while their heads stay buried in their books. Their narrow shoulders skimming the back of their chairs — frail shoulders that bear the hours of sitting in dark libraries for days, trying to read the world, but beautiful in their frailty, as old and vintage things usually are.

The girls come out of the library in the early evening, under the velvet sky of the village, with the worlds they encountered trailing behind them, like old lace veils that have turned slightly yellow with the stains of time, but which hold the allure of the past. Holding old hardbacks under their arms, instead of a clutch bag, their spaghetti-like hair falling in waves on their shoulders, they hide their enigmatic eyes behind cat eye sunglasses with exaggerated wings, as they head back home, daydreaming their time away.

Story credit: Ode to the Bookish Girls was inspired by Leith Clark’s vintage-inspired collection of eyeglasses for Warby Parker which is launching today! For every pair of frames sold, a pair will be donated to an organization dear to Leith, Girl Up. The United Nations Foundation’s campaign encourages girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities for girls all around the world. Here are Clark’s frames, all of which you can find at Warby Parker.

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