5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

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I haven’t been to Paris in a while. Somehow, I always find myself going to this place in September. Maybe because it falls at the start of Autumn, which can be seen in the vein of the leaves falling off Parisian trees or the continual give and take between the sun and the rain.

I am not sure of the reason, but I am sure of what to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris. From what’s comfortable to my essentials, the following are five things I always pack when I am heading to the Parisian land.

5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

Ballet Pumps. I love taking long walks every day and I do the same when I am on holiday. I shall be walking to the Gran Palais and the Père Lachaise cemetery to visit the graves of famous writers; I shall be visiting the Palais Garnier and strolling around the Tour Eiffel, so comfortable shoes to wander around in are a must.

asos-lois-lace-up-ballet-flatsjc-penny-ballet-flats jimmy-choo-lucy-suede-flatacquaazzurra-flat-pumpsdvf-paris-lace-up-flatpink-ballet-pumpsasos-lydia-ribbon-ballet-flats






5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris

Brooches. Whenever I see a brooch, I think of old women in black lace dresses — Dolce e Gabbana women, with a black lace veil on their head, pallor on their face and a brooch on their breast. I like to carry something that feels like it belongs in the old world with me, especially in Paris, so I shall be taking a brooch or two.

adriana-orsini-fireworks-faux-pearl-crystal-brooch john-lewis-pearlised-vintage-wreath-brooch lanvin-ginger-crystal-embellished-brooch marchesa-crystal-faux-pearl-brooch marni-brooch nadri-cubic-zirconia-crescent-pin sonia-rykiel-crystal-embellished-saftey-pin-brooch



Stacked Rings. Only so the one I fell in love with can play with them absentmindedly while our fingers are intertwined.

anna-beck-stacking-rings armenta-stacking-rings bp-stacking-rings freida-rothman-stacking-rings gorjana-stacking-rings kate-spade-ny-ring-set yumeko-yamada-ring-rose-gold



Books. You would expect this from me because I never go anywhere without taking a book (or three) but more so in Paris because that’s why those Parisian balconies were built for, at least that’s how I see it. So I am taking heavy bound books with crisp white pages that feel heavy on my knees to read al fresco, while sitting outside on the balcony. I plan to take Ian McEwan’s new book, Nutshell and Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain which I am already half way through.


Liquid Eyeliner. Just so I can apply a cat eyeliner and look like a wide eyed daydreamer — gazing up at the dramatic glass ceilings of the Gran Palais and the storytelling frescoes at the Palais Garnier. I like to use liquid eyeliner because I find it easier to create that wide eyed look with a thin, liquid brush than with a pencil. I then use the YSL mascara to add more drama to the eye and a blush pink colour on my lips. This is my version of ‘full make up!’

What are your 5 things to pack for a dreamy holiday in Paris? Share your suggestions below!

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