a story within another story

A story, within another story

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One bold shoe

Edie Campbell Poses in Morocco for Peter Lindbergh in Vogue US June 2013

Heading to Morocco

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The green dress

The green dress

“Her evening dresses hung in the cupboard.  Clarissa, plunging her hand into the softness, gently detached the green dress and carried it to the window.  She had torn it.  Someone had trod on the skirt.  She had felt it give at the Embassy party at the top among the folds.  By artificial light the green shone, but lost its colour now in the sun.  She would mend it.  Her maids had too much to do.  She would wear it to-night.  She would take her silks, her scissors, her–what was it? — her thimble, of course, down into the drawing-room, for she must also write, and see that things generally were more or less in order.”

Mrs Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

I am not one to wear very bright colours. Usually, an all-black ensemble or muted tones like grey, cream or blush pink are my go to colours as I feel like they are less attention seeking, so I can get away with sitting on a bench somewhere, quite unnoticed, and find inspiration on the faces of the strangers passing me by. CONTINUE READING...

The daydreamers

Nishe's diary photography

The Swans’ way

Let’s sit here on the river bank while we watch life pass us by. Let’s sit and watch beauty moving ahead in hordes of swans, in all their glory and sorrow. Let’s live in a black and white world, sitting here doing nothing except longing for furtive glances with the ones we have fallen in love with, whom we have never spoken to, our hair draped over our bony shoulders while the river sways for us. CONTINUE READING...

Twirling in pleated skirts

twirling in pleated skirtsShe talked to the shadows on the wall while roaming around an empty house. Laughing with one man and cursing another, she spent an immeasurable time pacing and rocking or twirling in her pleated skirts. She would always run in corridors, looking back at the shadows chasing her. CONTINUE READING...

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