Guessing games

Gemma-Ward-Vogue-2005They ate sandwiches on a rubble wall, while witnessing the grandeur of the silent city from afar; it was a brooding scene, even though it was a sunny day.

They talked about what it would be like to endure each others’ death as they rested their bare feet on the stones that looked fragile, but ones that had stood despite violent storms. They guessed they would refuse to speak to anyone for weeks, consumed with pain and anger. They imagined how they would become recluse in their own homes with only their Aran jumpers and loss marking their life with a distinctive quality.

What they would never guess was how uneventful their love would turn out. How void of anything worthy of engrossing themselves in. They would never come to know the sweet-tragedy of losing a loved one.


Daydreaming about…

Hushed tones & your face darling; of the laughs we had for an immeasurable time…


I fell in love…

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Where are you Madeliene Rose?

marie claire italiaI am in a closet brimming with couture; I am in the waves of Muccacina’s head of hair and under the silk organza of Givenchy’s top.

I am on a rocky beach with the wind hitting my face and I am in bed, listening to Lana del Rey’s sweet-demonic voice.

I am in the garden, watching every flower bloom and I am in the woods away from everyone, even from the light of the moon.

Story credit: Image via Marie Claire Italia.




Donning a romantic Oscar de la Renta #dress & remembering the one I fell in #love with on the blog today… #style #shop #ootd #DaydreamingwithMR


Time and oughts

Arizona Muse by Lachlan Bailey-002I was not feeling like myself for the last few days darling. I was being chased by time on the clock and spending it having to listen to people talk about Monday mornings and to do lists, rather than dining al fresco with Proust or roaming the woods in haute couture.

You see darling, we ought to be waiting for godot, instead of watching time on the clock pass by with our heads bent down, ignoring those around us. We ought to be walking with Tess of the D’Urbervilles to her tragic end and witnessing every miniscule move of Edward and Florence on chesile beach.

We ought to be roaming the world in pursuit of beauty, or even more, the hauntingly beautiful. We ought to be moving to the rhythm of that which we are engrossed in, so that we start seeing things we had never seen before and forgetting about that which is irrelevant.

We ought to be so wrapped in our dreams and daydreams that we forget to be afraid. It is only then that we can look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves, “I don’t wear time on my wrist; I wear time on my face.”

Story credit: Image by Lachlan Bailey.


Horror and beauty

horror beauty vogue-nippon-dec I have told you so many stories about my blue velvet-like village darling. I have talked to you about so many things that have happened here and I have told you about the haute couture, about the men and women who have come here; about the gypsy hoarders who passed through these streets and the circus found under the mirrored glass tent.

What I have not told you is the first thing I thought when I first came here. Back then I was worn down, tired from trying to keep up with the time on the clock, weary of the world brimming with shoulds and musts. I remember it was dark, except for the light of the moon; I remember the smell of Baker’s gingerbread beasts and the knowledge that time here was nowhere to be found.

It was then they I said — “I hope, finally, to have a niche where I can safely look upon the world’s horror and beauty*” before I walked, for the first time, on the cobble stone streets of the village.

Story credits: *Quote via Vanity Fair; Image via Vogue Nippon. 

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