How to live a meaningful life, according to Frankl

literary inspired fashion thomas mann the magic mountain

Literary style inspiration: The Magic Mountain

how to live a better life

How to live a better life, according to Ray Bradbury

Opera garnier you cannot be wonderful, if you do not learn how to wonder

Always look up: Learning how to wonder

james joyce ulysses book review

Rolling with James Joyce on an Irish hill

bookish girls

Ode to the bookish girls


Tea with Frances Towers

Literary style inspiration: The Magic Mountain

Literary style inspiration thomas mann the magic mountain

Have you ever read Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain? That Mann, man, he does it every time. Making me want to go live in Venice the minute I read Death in Venice and now, he’s making me want to look funereal every day of the week because of one of the women found in The Magic Mountain, the so-called Tous-les-deux. CONTINUE READING...

At the Grand Palais

Below, hot air balloons hover in the enormous Grand Palais, and further down, a photograph of Notre Dame on a hazy day almost looks like a watercolor. from open culture

There was nowhere that I wanted to wait for a New Year darling but at the Grand Palais, just as I had done last year.

I was surrounded by so much beauty – old airplanes standing on platforms throughout the hall and hot air balloons skimming the glass ceiling that showed the stars in the sky. CONTINUE READING...

How to live a meaningful life, according to Frankl

how to live a meaningful life

I spent most of the time reading Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning in my garden, as the weak winter sun warmed my bones and pink bougainvillea petals emerged slowly, rushed by no one. Despite barely mentioning the atrocities of the concentration camp, every couple of pages I would still need to look up at the clear blue sky and tell myself there was still so much goodness in this world. CONTINUE READING...

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