The clumsy one

Clumsy Harpers Bazaar imageShop the dreamA picture of her face can be found near the definition of clumsy in the thick bound Oxford dictionary.

Her parents — quiet people who had never asked anything of the world except to be invisible to the villagers, shying away from drawing attention to themselves — they had her at an age when they had given up on ever reading stories to a smaller version of themselves.

She was a frail child, barely using a quarter of her small bed, donning playsuits and dresses throughout her childhood and beyond, but a sudden move by her would always become a fatal situation for the entities around her. Her parents had stopped bringing her along on errands after the crystal incident — when an enthusiastic wave of goodbye in a chandelier boutique caused a domino effect that led to the great shortage of chandeliers — the dark ages — as the villagers remember it while gossiping on the benches of the piazza. Continue reading


I fell in love…

I fell in love...Shop the dreamI fell in love darling — I know, it’s terrible. I don’t know how it happened. Needless to say, I had to let him and his protruding ears go.

He never did anything I asked but he did turn the mundane into the extraordinary. Everything he did, all that he touched with his tattooed hands, I wanted to do it, to love it. He made the world pleasant — nothing was weary and grey anymore. Continue reading


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