Beauty and Sorrow

beauty and sorrowI was roaming around the woods yesterday afternoon darling. Donning my long lanvin dress, I walked for an immeasurable time, thinking about my days spent in the village when I came upon a river that was clogged with countless swans.

They were tumbling in a huddle of white weariness. There was so much pallor in that river, so much beauty, so much sadness. It was a concentrated moment of beauty and sorrow. It felt like I was witnessing the beauty of the world trailing off the river uncontrollably.

We are losing so much beauty and there is so much sorrow in the world darling. Beauty and sorrow, beauty and sorrow, more beautiful words have never been uttered.


Chasing shadows

SophieSrejMarieClaireItalia7Sometimes I feel like I am chasing the shadows of butterflies darling, feeling as far away from what is real. I am never quite sure whether it is a bad thing or not. What I do know is that it is only when I do so that I forget about shoulds and oughts and manage to see that which I want to see.

 Story credit: Image via Marie Claire Italia.


The Backless dress

Backless dressEvery time I wear a backless dress I am reminded of Poe darling — Edgar Allen, that is.

I was putting one on yesterday to head out to dinner in the woods when I felt the cold tips of someone’s fingers resting on my back, moving down and skimming my spine.

I turned around to find a pale face and that dark, wispy moustache.

“What brings you here Mr Poe?”

“This dress Madeliene Rose, you are asking for the chills.” Continue reading



vogue italia ride black whiteWe had been scourging the long roads for an immeasurable time, trying to find the right path to atone our sins. You know how it is, when you feel like you can never go back to the simple way things were, so you find yourself running around every other corner of the world and avoiding the only niche you know you need.

 Story credit: Image via Vogue Italia.


This summer…

this summer vogue chinaThis summer darling, make time for a siesta under jasmine trees while donning light white dresses.

Find the time to float amid water lilies while looking at the stars.

Make sure you meet Galileo to witness shooting stars together.

Stand under a shower of paper rain and be in awe of every firework show in sight.

Find the time to wear short shorts and to fall in love

…and dance barefoot to Lana del Rey under frescoes.

Make this summer, one of immeasurable time.

Story credit: Image via Vogue China.


The Quiet Parade


More than any other story in the conversations section, this post will be understood more by those who have read the works of Gabriel García Márquez. Those who have not read Márquez’s works yet, then darlings, what are you waiting for?

I watched the quiet parade with Gabriel García Márquez yesterday. Continue reading


Daydreaming about…

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