Edie Campbell Poses in Morocco for Peter Lindbergh in Vogue US June 2013

Heading to Morocco

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How to look like a Shakespearean dream

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Feels like summer

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How to look like a dream at the office

Office style inspirationThere are times, my darling, when even serial daydreamers have to stop wandering and turn their attention to what is asked of them — studies, work and other duties that can leave a dreamer feel a bit less inspired. We all have days like these, but rather than resisting them, we can choose to enjoy them and find beauty in the everyday — a smile from a complete stranger, fits of laughter at work or during class, and why not, even in painful experiences. CONTINUE READING...

The candlestick maker

candlestick makerHave I ever told you about my candlestick maker darling? I should have really, what with all of the candlesticks I go through to light up all of my candelabras, you must have assumed already that I have my own girl. CONTINUE READING...

Do you know what I miss darling?

anemone flower

Do you know what I miss darling?

I miss lying on a beach and falling asleep with the warmth of the sun on my face. I miss afternoons spent talking about everything and nothing.

I want you to know that no matter, you must never stop dreaming.

You can live in a mess and have your head be as clear and happy as a sunny day.

I have dreamt about you, you know.

I saw you running barefoot in a field of Anemones, fading amid all of the dirty white petals – your skin pale, your body hollow, but free, you looked free.

Story credit: Image via Pinterest.

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