vogue australiaI was walking in circles in a field of fennel yesterday darling.

I was in town again — the dizzying, sun scorching town, where women don black layers of dirt under their nail beds and where eyes are dark and distrustful. I had been walking aimlessly about when I found myself in a field of tall, wispy fennel which I could not get out of.

I brushed through the wisps, staining my dress with yellow dust. I did not have a hat on; I was dizzy and feeling heavy from the exposure to the sun.

Free People Slip Dressdress quoteI could not see anybody and yet, every turn I took, every sigh — every movement — I knew it was being judged by observant eyes.

Story credits: Image via Vogue Australia.


The wait


I went for a walk in the forest yesterday darling. The villagers are over active these days, what with the coming of autumn and so much fashion, so I headed to the forest for some peace and quiet.

It was a chilly afternoon but I was warm in my long sleeved dress as my smoking slippers skimmed through a carpet of yellow leaves. After walking for a while, thinking about Proust and Eduardo del Mar I found myself in front of a cabin wrapped with thorns and roses with faded petals. Continue reading


The Woolfian way

eric rose photographyThere is the Proustian way of living life darling, and then, there is the Woolfian way of doing so.

The Woolfian way is when you go about your day to day in a mechanical manner, while walking barefoot to remind yourself of the protruding presence of your relative life.

It is like walking in a black and white world, and feeling every colourful emotion of your relative life through your bare feet.

It is like having the wind blow in your face but seeing your relative life being unaffected by it.

It is like spending hours walking in the rain, struggling to arrive at your destination, but having time be still in your relative life.

It is like spending an hour in a chair without having moved but then you would have moved in leaps and bounds in your relative life.

It is like spending your life doing everything else people expect of you, but then spending three relative lifetimes doing the things you always wanted to do.

 Story credit: Eric Rose photography for the image.


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